Dr Charlotte Morris
Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Welcome to my website.  My name is Dr Charlotte Morris and I am a counselling psychologist.  I hope you find the information here you need to decide if therapy is right for you.   Please contact me if you have any questions on 07434 566492  or charlotte@hampdentherapy.co.uk.

How Therapy can Help:

As human beings, we like to feel in control of our lives and when this is threatened it can cause us a great deal of distress.  While change can bring great opportunities and joys, there can also be times when it threatens our sense of control.  We may fear certain changes, or we may feel powerless to bring about a desired change: for example, at work, in a relationship or even with our own emotions.

We may feel stuck with familiar and unhelpful thoughts, feelings or actions that resurface again and again, and long for personal change to release us from these damaging patterns.  Sometimes, fear of the unknown can mean that we hold onto what is familiar – even if we know that it is not good for us.  There may also be times when we struggle to adjust to a significant change in life, such as receiving a difficult diagnosis, coping with loss, a change in our work life or becoming a new parent.

When life is challenging we all need a bit of help and support.  Asking for help when we are in distress is often perceived as a sign of weakness, but in reality it takes great strength and courage.  Furthermore, it can be very rewarding and the start of a very real and important change.  Therapy has the potential to help us manage the difficulties we face, gain personal insight and help us to grow.

What to expect from Therapy:

If therapy is new to you, it can be a bit daunting deciding whether to take the step to speak to someone.  I hope that the information here will give you some idea of what to expect and to make the decision a bit easier.

Initial Appointment:

The first session gives us a chance to meet and discuss how I may help you.  In order for me to understand what has brought you to therapy, I will ask about your difficulties.  This can be very challenging for some people, but I would like to assure you that we will always work at your pace, and if you choose not to discuss certain issues I will respect your decision at all times.  The first session is also an opportunity for you to see if you feel safe, supported, understood, and to assess whether you would feel comfortable working with me.  At the end of our initial meeting, we can book another appointment if you would like to continue with therapy, or you can go away and think about it.

Further sessions:

If you decide to continue therapy with me, we would then meet on a regular basis, usually weekly, for 50 minute sessions.  The duration of therapy can vary enormously, but I would usually suggest we meet for a limited number of appointments to start with, with the option of extending this if we both feel that it would be appropriate.  We will continue to regularly review our work together throughout therapy.

About my Practice:

Who I work with:

I work with adults who are looking for individual therapy.  If you are interested in therapy you can contact me directly.  I am also recognised by a number of insurance companies including BUPA, AXA, Aviva and Vitality.

What I can help you with:

I work with individuals facing a range of difficulties, whether it is a long-term problem or a more recent distressing event.  I have experience of working with people experiencing a wide variety of psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, phobias and many other issues.

How I work:

I am an integrative therapist, which means that I blend approaches and techniques depending on the individual I am working with.  The therapies I work with are well-established and evidence based so you can be sure that you will be looked after safely and ethically.  I will work collaboratively with you to understand the difficulties you face and to decide the best course of treatment.


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